Tooth Grinding and Clenching

causes many problems

  • migraine

  • toothache

  • aching muscles

  • jaw & neck pain

  • morning headaches

Grinding and clenching of your teeth, known medically as bruxism, involves some of your most powerful muscles. Sleep bruxism can be extremely damaging as the forces generated cause tooth wear, pain to the surrounding tissues joints and other muscles.

Mr Broome has been trained to provide a simple and effective treatment of the problem.

He can construct a Sleep Clench Inhibitor (SCI) which prevents your back teeth from clenching intensely and thus eliminating the source of your pain.

This small SCI dental splint can have a massive positive impact on your dental health. The splint is custom made to fit over your front teeth and can help eliminate the tension that causes headaches, neck pain and migraines.

For more information about treating you with an SCI please call the practice or book online